Exposure Marketing Celebrates South African Youth

Exposure Marketing Celebrates South African Youth with an Exclusive Exhibition Masterclass for Students from Tshwane University of Technology

PRETORIA, South Africa, June 15, 2023: Exposure Marketing, a leading Exhibition and Marketing Management company, has commemorated this year’s Youth Month in South Africa by organising an exclusive Exhibition Masterclass for third-year students from the Tshwane University of Technology. The event showcased the company’s fervour for cultivating the next generation of exhibition professionals and equipping them with the skills to meet market demands.  Committed to empowering the next generation of exhibition professionals, Exposure Marketing has been conducting these educational sessions since 2021. The day was packed with insights into exhibition theory and practice, meticulously organised to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

Held at the prestigious Gallagher Convention Centre, the day-long programme offered students an insightful blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The day began with a warm welcome and an introduction to exhibitions from the host venue CEO, Charles Wilson of the Gallagher Convention Centre. Following this introduction, a master class on the Art of Exhibition Management was presented by Projeni Pather, Managing Director, and Warren Murray, Business Director at Exposure Marketing. This session allowed students to grasp the complexities of exhibition management, igniting their curiosity and fuelling their passion for the industry.

Following the masterclass, the students were treated to an exclusive tour of Gallagher Convention Centre. During the tour, they were given a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes activity and management involved in operating a first-class convention centre.

The highlight of the day was a practical demonstration by Mark Anderson, Portfolio Director at Specialised Exhibitions, who made the theoretical concepts come to life as the students were given the unique opportunity to witness an exhibition being built from scratch during the 30th edition of Securex, a leading security and fire protection trade exhibition.  This practical exposure allowed the students to connect theoretical concepts with live exhibition management practices.

“Exposure Marketing has a firm focus on identifying and nurturing talent in the field of exhibition and marketing management,” stated Projeni Pather, Managing Director of Exposure Marketing. “This masterclass, and others like it, are crucial in building a robust talent pipeline, ensuring the sustainability and growth of the industry. It is a delight to share our knowledge and experience with these passionate students who represent the future of exhibition management in South Africa.”

As a crucial component of their event management studies, the students are required to complete a 6-month internship with a relevant company. Exposure Marketing firmly believes in the collective responsibility of society to uplift the next generation. Therefore, they are making a fervent plea to companies within the industry to come forward and provide internship opportunities to these promising young professionals.

Exposure Marketing extends its gratitude to Tshwane University of Technology, Gallagher Convention Centre, and Specialised Exhibitions for their support and contribution to the event. Their commitment to investing in the education and development of young talent is commendable and echoes Exposure Marketing’s core values.  “We all need to commit to uplifting the next generation,” said Projeni. “We call upon companies to collaborate with us in helping these students fulfil their academic requirements and gain valuable industry experience.” Interested companies who wish to extend internship opportunities to these students are encouraged to get in touch with Exposure Marketing for further details.


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