2023 Goals | Influence Parenting Spaces with a Multi-Platform Approach

Cementing our reputation for influencing parenting spaces with in-demand, trusted and unique brands, MamaMagic has proved to be a multifaceted platform for numerous brand categories. We offer all brands a unique blend of in-person and digital opportunities across multiple platforms, reinforcing our reputation as the most trusted parenting platform in South Africa.

A trusted voice in the parenting space, Managing Director of Exposure Marketing (and the founder of MamaMagic), Projeni Pather believes that the real growth post-pandemic is now evident as brands successfully leverage our unique blend of in-person and digital engagement.


“We live in challenging times with a multitude of touchpoints. We are responsible for guiding parents with valuable information and insights to make the right choices for their families. The current economy has resulted in a change in wants and needs, making it even more important for brands to remain relevant to the market. Our ongoing interaction with parents and the brands we service gives us an in-depth understanding of the market. The resultant platforms we create ensure relevance and engagement between brands and consumers. Exposure Marketing’s skilful strategy leverages a multiplatform approach, allowing brands the opportunity to reach their goals and a high ROI successfully.” Projeni Pather


If you are struggling to engage with the parent community and have difficulty finding trusted platforms to fulfil your marketing strategy, contact Exposure Marketing today. We’ve created packages that speak to your needs and connect you to thousands of parents in South Africa. Get in touch with our sales team for our 2023 Ratecard and take advantage of the Early-Bird discount to incorporate into your roll-out plan, leveraging all the MamaMagic platforms to influence and engage your target market successfully.


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