GeoPoll Report: Consumer brand perceptions in South Africa

The social and economic disruption of the past year has impacted how consumers across the globe interact with brands. In South Africa, record-high unemployment rates and reduced incomes mean consumers have less money to spend and are therefore more discerning about how they spend it.

Evolving social norms are also altering what consumers expect from brands. Rather than churning out the same brand-centric advertisements year after year, consumers expect companies to be in tune with what is happening globally – and are quick to make changes if they are not. According to a McKinsey study, 79% of consumers in South Africa have changed stores, brands, or the way they shop due to the pandemic. To stay relevant, brands have to consider, adapt and respond to a rapidly changing world and marketplace.

To understand how brands’ reactions to the world around them influence consumer behaviors and perceptions, GeoPoll conducted a study in early July 2021 in South Africa using our mobile web platform. In this initial report, we present some of the highlights from that survey.



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