How to optimise your digital marketing during COVID-19

In a recent article published by Media Update, they mention some key strategies brands can use to maximise their presence digitally. A key point in the article highlighted the need to build conversations with their audiences.

  • Build conversations

Make your audiences feel a little bit more special and have a chat with them. What have you got to lose? Start a conversation with your consumers, which can help you develop your brand through listening to consumer trends and being armed with topics of interest.

Here are some important points to note:

  • When interacting with your audience on social media, exchange ideas and listen to your consumers in terms of how you can improve your brand and the value it adds in their lives.
  • Create a discussion forum. This creates an open discussion that allows you to see what consumers may be missing from your brand. For example, if consumers enjoy your product but can’t get a hold of it, they can be advised on how to get it , i.e. via courier services..

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