Overlay structure with some chaos

Ethos bleeds into your company culture. It’s an extension of yourself that you share with an audience.

As an extension of myself, The Brand Race is a full Digital Marketing Agency that thrives on a creatively cultured and chaotically structured environment. Chaos sparks creativity and structure builds strategy. Within every bit of chaos, there is always a structure that forms an underlying pattern and no matter how hard you try to create structure, some chaos will inevitably slip in.

The digital world is consumed by chaos, and every creative project seems straightforward. In practice, however, it’s never that straightforward, and life within a digital agency is always unpredictable and constantly changing.

Digital Marketing leverages the connected digital environment

Have you ever felt like your phone had listened to a conversation that you had with a friend? You’ve gone online to catch up on some news or social and you see an ad related to that topic or product… scary right!? Chances are – you’ve behaved online in a way that fits the audience the ad is targeting.

Digital Marketing leverages all marketing efforts on digital channels throughout the internet and electronic devices, all of which work together in a connected environment.

Get creative and then add some structure

In an ideal world, we’d all love to hire Taylor Swift and buy commercial space for the Olympics, but a trip back to the real world reminds us that budgets are limited and deadlines are tight.  A structured plan that disrupts is a great start.

Get chaotic with creativity:

  • Most importantly, GET A WEBSITE: Your website will be your digital brochure and the platform you’ll use to pull in those leads.
  • Get to know who your audiences are: PROFILE YOUR AUDIENCE; a baby cream won’t appeal to someone who is 18 years old looking at buying their first car.
  • GET SOCIAL, tell the world what you have to offer: Invest your time in creating quality content for social that resonates with your audience – Daily Facebook users account for 66% of monthly active users, 2.89 billion people are monthly active users.

Add some structure:

  • DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES and why you are marketing. Will you invest in brand awareness or lead generation? If you are just starting out – brand awareness will pave your path for lead generation.
  • DATA to monitor the success: Make your data work for you, discover what is working and what isn’t. Use the digital world to understand your audience better.

Where would your business thrive, where does your audience live and why are they on that platform? The internet is all connected and there are more people online than ever.


Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger!

In an already chaotic digital space, you’ll need to be louder.


The right digital partner is an investment

If you find the digital world daunting, finding a digital agency that breathes and understands the digital world is an investment worth considering. A digital agency stays up to date with the latest technologies to scale up your marketing objectives.

Before choosing a digital partner, you need to do some homework. Have a meeting with the digital agency first and see if they are internalising what you’re offering, and can connect with your brand ethos and your audience. In a first meeting, a digital agency should confirm their experience and share some of the tools and techniques they will use in achieving your objectives.

It’s always important to keep your return on investment (ROI) in mind. Investing in Digital Marketing will help secure more leads and increase your sales and brand awareness, which will be all worth your initial investment of skills, budget and time.

  • by Wayne Brown, Brand and Digital Strategy Director at The Brand Race

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