Mustela Campaign
Year: 2021

Scope of work:

Exposure Marketing’s relationships with notable parenting influencers in the country equipped us with the expertise to guide Mustela with their influencer campaign.

Smart moms know that the most reliable recommendations come from other moms in the same circumstances, and smart brands understand that this type of endorsement is priceless! It takes a bold brand to submit to an independent trial-and-review process of its products, but that is exactly what Mustela’s latest product campaign incorporated.

The Exposure Marketing Team was confident enough in the brand to select two well-known independent influencers to evaluate Mustela Baby’s skincare products for a month before writing an objective review of their experience. These reviews were featured on the MamaMagic Heart-to-Heart blog, the MamaMagic website, and the MamaMagic Milestones Newsletters. An Instagram Live was also integrated into the campaign with a host, Mustela Expert and the influencers talking about baby’s skin and the benefit of using a trusted brand like Mustela on your child’s skin.

The entire process was devised and managed by Exposure Marketing and achieved significant interest across the sector.