Why sponsorship is key to powerful marketing

Sponsorships are the financial or in-kind support of activities. Businesses often sponsor events, trade shows, groups, or charity causes to reach specific business goals and increase their competitive advantage.


How Event Sponsorships Work

Most large, community events use sponsorship support to offer more exciting programs and to help defray costs.

Promotional opportunities at trade shows, charity events, or business functions include sponsorships of press rooms, an international lounge, a speaker or VIP room, an awards reception, educational programs, banners, badge holders, audiovisual equipment, display computers, shuttle buses, tote bags, or other branded swag.

Local causes such as sports teams or charity drives offer more limited places for your branding and products, but they also allow you to reach a specific local audience. For example, fewer people will see your logo on the backs of local Little League uniforms than at a national trade show. However, if your customers are all local and have kids on the Little League team, that’s the best place to be seen by your ideal audience.



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