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The message that parents can rely on PURITY to help them navigate the challenging journey of parenthood is at the heart of the messaging put forward in PURITY’s latest marketing campaign, #ParentTalk. The campaign was devised and executed by Parent Media Group, Exposure Marketing. Exposure Marketing owns the popular MamaMagic brand and executed all elements, from the strategic planning to the scripting and the rollout of an extensive social media campaign, including sourcing the giveaways for competitions and managing influencer participation.

The PURITY campaign comprised of a range of touch points that offered parenting advice and information, reinforcing PURITY as an expert brand in parenting whilst driving education around their product portfolio. The idea was to combine education and product information for consumers in a compelling way.

The key element was a 7-part web series done in collaboration with MamaMagic called #ParentTalk by PURITY. This 7-part series of 15-minute episodes was hosted on MamaMagic’s social media channels. Each episode featured a respected and well-qualified expert to lend their voice to the conversation; ensuring moms have the correct guidance they need to make informed decisions. Old Mutual came on board as PURITY’s trusted financial partner and features in two episodes focussing on family financial planning and moms.

The series called on influential moms and bloggers like Jennifer Bala, Melanie Ramjee, Ayanda Rathete and Rebecca Badrodin to join PURITY’s expert panel, who helped navigate through the different stages of their parenting journey and came up with solutions to their unique parenting problems.

Whether it is giving parents tips to keep their baby’s skin healthy or discussing snack options for preschoolers, this show is a valuable resource for moms and dads struggling with everyday parenting problems. The show also shines a spotlight on the range of PURITY products that can help parents on their parenting journey.

The show is filmed in a home environment that resonates with parents and families. Everyday moms are used to enhance further the brand’s relevance and relatability within this target market.

The accompanying social media campaign highlights the Parenting journey and features regular competitions. The campaign also ties into the PURITY Journey Journal app, which helps parents connect and share information.

The journey of parenthood is one of the most challenging journeys you will ever embark on. However, with PURITY’s panel of experts, a range of sensational PURITY products to satisfy their family’s needs and an app to keep everything on track, we can reassure parents that they are in good hands!


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