Three things to learn from the global Facebook outage

The Facebook outage left social media users shook after they realised that they can’t access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Although this outage caused a lot of headaches for brands, media update’s Talisa Carlson takes a look at the the good that came out of it.

If you restarted your WIFI and phone more than once on Monday, 4 October 2021 — just to see Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp again not loading — then know you weren’t alone! The tech giant faced a major outage thanks to “faulty configuration changes”, according to Business Insider. This left 3.51 billion monthly users (including the core Family product) in the dark for more than five hours.

As a result, users were flocking to social media platforms that weren’t offline, such as Twitter and TikTok. (You best believe that these platforms made good use of the number of users flocking to them).

This was an inconvenience for daily users, and numerous brands felt the negative impact on their businesses because of it. The event also led social media users, such as influencers and brands, to reflect on what the Facebook outage has meant for their futures.

So, ready to see the silver lining in it all? Let’s get right into it: READ MORE


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