#EcomAfrica: Building a digital brand experience for winning customers


Despite digital being around for many years, the concepts of digital transformation and digital as the new normal are still being bandied around.

The recent Ecom Africa 2021 conference hosted a panel discussion that examined what multichannel promotion and brand messaging is opposed to omnichannel customer-focused delivery, and the challenges associated with this.

While Covid-19 has sped up the move to e-commerce for many brands, from insurance to retail, in fact digital has been part of the marketing mix for many brands for years.

However, this does not mean that these brands have not, and still do not, face challenges that come with building a digital brand. This is particularly so for traditional bricks and mortar brands.

The further challenge is creating a single view of the customer across all touchpoints of a brand. If successful, then how does a brand ensure that their customers’ data is protected at all times?

Addressing this was a panel of experts who shared their years of experience and expertise in building a digital brand.



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