Pampers Premium Care competition evolves to hybrid

Pamper’s Premium Care Baby on Board has become a sought-after competition that expecting moms look forward to with great anticipation. Exposure Marketing’s creative expertise has evolved the format to successfully grow its following over the past few years, despite COVID restrictions closing the exhibition spaces where the competition initially flourished.

Exposure’s relationship with Pampers Premium Care started in 2008 when the competition first launched under the name All-Expenses Paid Pregnancy at the MamaMagic Baby Expo. The key objective of the competition was to give relevant brands direct access to the pregnancy market, which is a highly selective segment. The in-person exhibition medium of the popular Expo provided a productive platform for engagement, sales, and face-to-face demonstrations.

The high-value competition prize included everything a mom needs to kick off her parenting journey, including a year’s supply of nappies, travel systems, and stem cell storage, amongst other necessities. The life-changing potential of this prize cemented Pamper’s Premium Care’s reputation as a brand that puts the wellbeing of moms and babies first.

When COVID temporarily stopped the exhibition, Exposure swiftly launched the online Pampers Premium Care Mama-To-Be Wish List to meet the new needs of pregnant moms. This Wish list allows pregnant moms to share their needs with family and friends in preparation for baby showers/birth. It is also hosts pregnancy resources to guide moms on their parenting journey.

Exposure Marketing also co-located the Pampers Premium Care Baby On Board competition on the Mama-To-Be Wish list page, affording moms greater value. Now they could enter the competition online, create their wish list and get advice at the same time. Exposure Marketing Marketing Manager Darshan Pather says, “During the pandemic, moms found solace in an online community through the MamaMagic digital platforms. They made time to actively engage on the Mama-to-be Wishlist.”

In 2022, as restrictions relaxed sufficiently for the MamaMagic Expos to resume in person, the Pampers Premium Care Baby-on-Board Competition is now hybrid. Moms can enter online or at the MamaMagic Baby Expos. Now that the competition has multiple touchpoints, moms can engage wherever they prefer and Pamper’s brand awareness has been extended even further.

“Using multiple engagement platforms allows us to extend our reach both in an online and a physical capacity. We’ve come to learn that moms are less afraid to step out of their comfort zone, and are open to connecting with brands face-to-face,” says Darshan.

Since the online element was launched back in July 2020, Exposure Marketing has conducted 8 successful rounds of the competition, amassing over 80 000 Mama-To-Be Wish list subscribers and over 45 000 competition entrants. This has been a welcomed sponsorship opportunity for Pampers Premium Care, creating brand awareness, incentivising brand engagement, and increasing consumer interaction.



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