Reset the Parenting Compass

After two years of physical isolation, change in routine, and emotional despair, moms are yearning for face-to-face interaction. Even though technology offered some respite from complete loneliness, with the ability to see family and friends online, we have an innate need for a physical connection as human beings. Our mom community craves the opportunity to connect with other moms, meet new families, learn from experts, and be supported by brands.

Moms have been left feeling isolated and vulnerable, second-guessing their decisions, comparing themselves to the online parenting perfection. They have had to put on their coat of armour to manage their weakened connections with the world. The ‘village’ was supposed to provide the support, the guidance, and the helping hand. Moms are constantly exposed to the enhanced images online of perfect bedtime routines, content babies all snuggled up, breastfeeding bliss, and all abiding, sparkling clean toddlers smothered by doting parents.

The current mindset is a convergence of crisis and courage. Here’s a peek into a November 2021 research study conducted by Exposure Marketing.

  • 70% of respondents are between the age of 25 – 34
  • 42% are pregnant with their first child
  • 40% are pregnant with their second child
  • 48% are single parents
  • 60% of moms are working, and 34% are looking for work.
  • The majority of moms prioritise their families first and themselves second.
  • Moms prefer to buy clothing, groceries and baby items physically rather than online.

As a working mom of a 10-month-old says, “The whole situation (with covid in general) has made me more resilient because I had to be. It hasn’t been fun, but I am coping, if only just.”

COVID19 has socially isolated pregnant moms who previously looked to their community for support. Moms have become more resilient, not accepting everything at face value. Despite the loneliness, family is still at the top of their list. Brands need to guide them on their journey, striving for excellence rather than perfection. Change is inevitable, and brands have the opportunity to remove the guise and stop patronising moms.

As marketers, it is the opportunity to lean in and empathise. It is time to show moms that your brands provide comfort and support their courageous efforts through the crisis. It’s time to reset the parenting compass. There are numerous avenues to choose from:

  1. Be bold and adopt a cause that affects moms;
  2. Reflect with empathy rather than sorrow;
  3. Engage moms with authenticity;
  4. Find significant ways to connect with moms;
  5. Don’t assume you know what moms want; seek out relevant research.

2022 is your year to make profound strides to connect with the mom community. One size marketing campaigns do not fit all.  It is time to acknowledge the socially conscious mom, the environment-friendly mom, the fashion-forward mom, the traditional mom, the practical mom, the single mom, the paranoid mom, the thrifty mom, and so many others. As the environment changes around us, so does she; be cognisant of who she has become.


By Projeni Pather

Managing Director, Exposure Marketing


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