Baby On Board – Case Study

MamaMagic Baby Expo’s core market is primarily the pregnant mom followed by moms with toddlers. To ensure we market to a targeted audience and connect the right brands with this core market, Exposure Marketing created the Baby on Board competition.

Pampers Premium Care is a brand that shares the MamaMagic vision and wanted to guide these new pregnant moms on their parenting journey. The competition was initially only run at the MamaMagic Expos nationally to attract the pregnancy market. With exhibitions not being able to run due the COVID19 Lockdown Regulations; Exposure Marketing continued the engagement with pregnant moms by hosting the competition online in collaboration with Pampers as the lead in this heart-warming initiative.

The Baby On Board campaign, sponsored by Pampers Premium Care, rewards one lucky pregnant mom in South Africa with a high-value Pregnancy Starter kit. This very successful competition offers a perfect sponsorship opportunity for Pampers Premium Care, creating brand awareness, incentivising brand engagement, and increasing consumer interaction.

Since the online element was launched in July of 2020, the competition has been run 7 times and has gathered over 40 000 entries and amassed a large community of highly engaged moms.


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