Looking towards 2022 – Editor’s Letter

Despite the depth of hope we held for 2021, the discomfort of 2020 still seeped through the cracks. The challenges grew, the traditions we upheld waned, the fear of tomorrow stayed, and our priorities were reordered. But it is in discomfort that we grow beyond our expectations, and our minds open up to endless potential.

Businesses that harnessed the opportunities that this discomfort presented have grown, repositioned, reinvented and remained steadfast in their commitment to their consumers. We have been catapulted into the future whilst evaluating our systems and processes, balancing brick and mortar vs. e-commerce, traditional vs. digital marketing, staged vs authentic stories, impressions vs. engagement online, and virtual reality vs face-to-face experiences.

Irrespective of the income group your consumer falls into, the discomfort of 2021 has shifted their mindset. You had the choice of continuing your status quo or proactively embracing the shift within your business activities. The fact that you are reading this newsletter tells me that, as exhausting as it all may have been, you are hungry for relevant knowledge and innovative trends to ensure you are proactive in the decisions you make to embrace the new consumer of 2022.

The forced discomfort during this pandemic has left our mom community on a rollercoaster of heightened emotions. Our very organised, rational, checklist driven mom has discovered new needs in these emotional times, and it is in these states of uncertainty that new brands thrive. If your brand is not on her shopping list yet, don’t assume she doesn’t need you yet. Continue to be consistent, diligent, and bold in your marketing activities, and you will be the first she turns to in her times of need.

May all your strategies be merry and bold as we discover the joys of 2022 together.

Projeni Pather,  Managing Director – Exposure Marketing


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