Huggies Experts Lounge Empowering Parents – Brought to you by MamaMagic Baby Expo

At a time when true connection has never been more critical, MamaMagic Baby Expo, in partnership with Huggies SA, creates space within the expo itself to empower parents on their parenting journey.

The Huggies Experts Lounge had grown to become a sought-after feature at the expo over the years. With a background and passion for education, Projeni Pather, MD of Exposure Marketing and MamaMagic Baby Expo, understands that parenting is not merely something we wake up and know how to do. As highlighted by Pather: “Parenting is one of the most crucial roles we will ever undertake and while there are many things that may ‘kick in’ instinctively, there are far more intangible skills that need to be learnt.”

Warren Murray, Brand Director, notes that there are far more mental and emotional factors that parents need support in. “It was this that need we observed some years ago, in fact, which ultimately led to the birth of the Experts Lounge. It is a space that is in fact a starting point to asking the right questions and opening the door to the incredibly vast world of parenting that we believe will give parents a confident start to making their journeys just a little bit easier.”

When asked why they enjoy the lounge, parents eagerly highlighted their main reasons for visiting: “There’s so much information out there, but getting advice and direction from a nurse or doctor or even therapist just makes you trust the information so much more.” Another parent mentioned that “accessing experts of this calibre can cost a small fortune, so to share their time and ask them questions is really valuable.”

Another parent-to-be expressed that “it’s great to see we aren’t the only ones who need a bit of guidance and actually don’t know where to start. At the lounge, we met so many people who had the same questions and so much more.”

With this in mind, the Huggies Experts Lounge is an interactive space for parents and parents-to-be to not only learn from experts, but ask questions and have conversations with other parents. This is where visitors to the expo access credible sources to cut through the noise and answer their burning questions when they need it most.



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